Links - "Some Favorite Sites, Vol 1"

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Through the course of a day I browse to a lot of sites. I bookmark a large number of those, and probably revisited a small portion of the sites using them. Where does that leave me? I don’t really know…that would require more browsing. So here is couple of the ones that I do look at on a weekly basis: Coding Horror - Daily articles about a full range of topics relating to programming and computer science.

Incorrect syntax near 'WSSList' in dbSPSReporting.sql

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Have you tried to use the SQL Server 2005 Report Pack for SPS? I had used the previous version of this for SQL 2000 last year, but hadn’t used it for a while. I remember having issues with the install of that previous version, and sure enough I had more issues this time as well. Here is the error message you will see when you run the dbSPSReporting.sql script: Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure usp_Insert_FactWSS, Line 57 Incorrect syntax near ‘WSSList’.

The exception unknown software exception (a.k.a. SysFader)

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Update 7/10/07: kerwin left a comment about a new KB article and hotfix that Microsoft just released. We tested it yesterday on a machine with both 2003 and 2007 Office components and it seemed to fix the error. Note that although both the article and hotfix specify WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007, it also should work with 2.0/2003 (which makes sense, this is a client issue). Thanks kerwin for the information and to all the other people who left helpful comments.

Using CRM with a SQL named instance

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If you want to use CRM 3.0 with a named SQL instance you first have to disable the Environmental Diagnostics Wizard (EDW). How to do this? I couldn’t find a way except for a couple blogs/newsgroups pointing me to a support call with Microsoft. The Microsoft CRM Support Team might not like me posting this simple solution, but I think it is crazy that we got charged a support call for something like this and hopefully my post can prevent someone else from being on hold for two hours.

Vim - Why you should try it

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I mentioned Vim in my previous post, but wanted to go into more detail and show how powerful it is. If you’re a Windows developer or administrator you probably haven’t tried using it before since it is from the world of Unix (Vim is a clone of vi, or vi iMproved), but you really should try it out. In the next week I will show some examples up what you can quickly do with Vim, things that I’m not sure how you would do without it!