Newsletters Newsletters Newsletters. Oh My!

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So here is my curated list of (mostly) curated newsletters. I’ve enjoyed all of these, and if you’re subscribed to Hacker Newsletter I think you’ll find many of these useful as well. I will update this list as I discover others. Favorites Now I Know is one I’ve mentioned several times before. Dan Lewis does an awesome job of coming up with interesting content every single day. If you’re not one of the 100,000+ people already subscribed, you should check it out.

A/B Testing Newsletter Landing Pages

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In the last two years I’ve tested a lot of things on the landing page for Hacker Newsletter. While I found some small wins, overall it hasn’t amounted to much in terms of increasing my conversion rating. The most important observation has been that the source of traffic makes the biggest difference in the conversion rate, and more specifically - if a visitor is already subscribed to another newsletter, they are around two times more likely to sign-up.

How To Find MailChimp Subscriber Counts

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Update update: This is really old, and nothing still applies here. Update: A week later and MailChimp has fixed this by allowing you to turn off the chiclet feature… they are some fast chimps! So with that said this article will only apply to anyone who has left their privacy setting to “public”, which would most likely be any newsletter that already exists as of 4/1/11. Did you know that the Ted newsletter has over a half million subscribers?

Hacker Newsletter Book List - Volume One

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Hello Jekyll

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I finally finished what I had wanted to do several years ago when I first read about jekyll, a ruby static site generator created by Tom Preston-Werner (Cofounder of GitHub). The delay was mainly from just not using my site, but then I realized that was probably because it was such a pain to post something on my old WordPress site. So here it is with a new design and no comments.

Exporting Data From MongoHQ

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mongodump -h -d database_name -u username -p password -o location_to_copy_to

Killing Windows Services that hang on "STOPPING"

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Although rare, sometimes a Windows Service can hang while stopping or restarting. This happened to me yesterday on one of my SharePoint servers and thought I would write-up a quick note in case I ever need it again. In my case the Office SharePoint Search Service had stopped responding and when I tried to restart the service it hung on “STOPPING”. A reboot would of fixed it, but that isn’t an option for a production server usually.

Why SharePoint Share?

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Recently Jeremy Thake asked why SharePoint Share (which I introduced a week ago)? jthake @sharepointshare why should we use this over using diigo or take a read of interested in ur thoughts It is a great question and one that I thought about before creating SharePoint Share. As Jermey and Joel point out, there are several avenues to share information, so why create another? I found myself frustrated by my current SharePoint RSS feeds was the main reason.

Top SharePoint Twitter Users

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After reading Joel’s 101+ SharePoint Twitter Users and being disappointed that there wasn’t links I wrote a little Ruby script to generate a new list with links.

VMware Logo - 12 Signs You Are Too Big

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I was downloading the VMware player today and noticed this agreement just to download the logo to link back to their site. How does stuff like this happen? You may only display the VMware Player icon on your Web site as designated herein, and not in any other manner. It is your responsibility to ensure that the link is always an active link to the VMware Player product page or the VMware Player download page or such other successor VMware website.