Killing Windows Services that hang on "STOPPING"

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Although rare, sometimes a Windows Service can hang while stopping or restarting. This happened to me yesterday on one of my SharePoint servers and thought I would write-up a quick note in case I ever need it again. In my case the Office SharePoint Search Service had stopped responding and when I tried to restart the service it hung on “STOPPING”. A reboot would of fixed it, but that isn’t an option for a production server usually.

First, find the service name. You can do that by looking at the properties of the particular service in services.msc. Next you can use the SC command with queryex to find the PID for that service and then use taskkill to kill the service.

sc queryex osearch

taskkill /PID 2056 /F

Couple notes - the /F flag is for forcing the service to stop. Try it first without the /F. A service hanging on “STOPPING” is usually a bad sign, so you may want to figure out why this is happening before doing this.