Vim - Why you should try it

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I mentioned Vim in my previous post, but wanted to go into more detail and show how powerful it is.  If you’re a Windows developer or administrator you probably haven’t tried using it before since it is from the world of Unix (Vim is a clone of vi, or vi iMproved), but you really should try it out.  In the next week I will show some examples up what you can quickly do with Vim, things that I’m not sure how you would do without it!  Until then, below is some links that I have collected:

Official Documentation: Vim Documentation, Vim FAQ, Vim Tips

General Resources: Vim Cookbook, Best of Vim Tips, Efficient Editing, Seven habits of effective text editingQuick Intro, Vim Macro Page, XML Editing, More Tips

Regular Expressions: RegEx 101, More RegEx

Plug-ins: Vim Outliner

One great tip is setting Vim to be the default editor when you right-click and do “view source” in Internet Explorer.  Very slick!